About VRS


VRS (Vehicle Risk Solutions) provides strategic and innovative solutions through its offerings of customized programs, products, consultation and training to propel and maximize automotive dealership profitability. Our carrier partners are among the financially strongest insurance companies in the world. Our clients can count on us to pursue a secure future towards their goals. We offer creative solutions to meet and exceed our clients coverage, service and training needs. VRS is an expert in reinsurance which is an important tool for consideration when building long term wealth. VRS provides automotive dealers the products and services they need at competitive rates to maximize individual dealer and dealership profits, supports employee expertise, and enhances customer retention and satisfaction.

Scott Glasscock
President, Vehicle Risk Solutions, LLC


I was recruited into “reinsurance” by Resource Dealer Group (formerly Pat Ryan & Associates) in 2003. It was there that I was introduced to an entirely new profit center known as insurance “UNDERWRITING PARTICIPATION”.

With over 15 years of continuous insight into the different companies and the different participation models (Self- Insurance, Reinsurance, Retros) that exists, my team and I have a complete understanding of all the ins and outs. Unlike the insurance companies, We are able to deliver an unbiased value proposition that has transparency, integrity, and tangibility. These core values are the basis as to why I started Vehicle Risk Solutions.

We now travel nationwide meeting with dealers of all makes and models continuously increasing their bottom line profits. There is no “one size fits all” approach. We encourage all prospective clients to schedule a meeting so we can quantify our value.

Thank you for all opportunities.